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Our site,, shows a full line of elastic string and twine available for use, these are predominantly for tying and stringing machines. Whether it is case or a full pallet that you need, at you can be assured of first rate quality at a very low, competitive price. Meat, Flower and Horticulture gardeners all purchase products from us regularly and we are proud of our efficiency and work rate. We sell only the highest quality of our products and we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

These are all the different sorts of string and twine we offer:

Elastic string bundling of different items of industrial hardware.
Elastic string tying of fabric lots for garment manufacture and the textile industry.
Elastic string bundling of lots for packing machines (brushes, kitchen utensils, tools, etc.).
Elastic string tying of various parts for automotive manufacturers (belts, hoses, mechanical parts, etc.).
Elastic string for tying of coils or cable bundles.
Elastic string for tying meat and poultry and fish.

We also supply custom elastic string for your unique applications.
Your source for elastic string,twine,and tying equipment.